Wax’d presents: Flori (secretsundaze, Quintessentials)

December 19, 2011


Friday 27 January 2012
The Horse & Groom, Shoreditch
9pm – 4am
Free before 10pm / £4/5 after

Flori (secretsundaze, Quintessentials)
Nick P Warren (Wax’d)
Ben Start

After November’s roadblock party with Ethyl, we are returning once again to rock the Horse & Groom to its foundations, this time with his production and DJ partner Flori.

Strategically landing on January payday, we have lined up the perfect recipe to coax you out of your post-Christmas hibernation – stacks of fresh and forgotten vinyl, an intimate venue and a massive soundsystem.

Click ‘attending’ on this page for concessions guestlist. And while you’re at it, check out Flori’s excellent new release on secretsundaze music to get you in the mood:



Jamie Mark Edward Taylor, or Flori when the creative mood takes him, enjoys nothing more than listening to, playing and making music that doesn’t make use of a noisy guitar. He’s also not too fond of 808 drum samples. This can get him into trouble when in the company of other house heads but shows his willingness to test the boundaries of his chosen genre – with often unexpected results. Flori’s musical know how – gained through a life on the front line – enables him to translate his soul, jazz and funk influences into forward thinking House music for the new decade.

It’s difficult to sum up in short Flori’s sound but the fact that he enjoys Bluey’s horn arrangements, Kerri’s basslines, Agnes’s beats, the way Kenny uses samples and when Cole’s tracks switch from 2-step to 4/4, should give you a rough idea. In other terms, Flori strives to unfurl a highly organic dance floor experience that can change in the blink of an eye yet retain a cohesiveness that belies his 24 years. With such a vast selection of music at his disposal, Flori is able to juxtapose four to the floor beats both old and new to put his own unique stamp on the genre.

Jamie (this was before the transition) has been a resident at and co-promoter of one of the UK’s most successful modern soul nights Soul Underground for 8 years. It’s a family run night that has provided Jamie with the chance to cut his teeth as a DJ and explore many different musical avenues. With an audience as comfortable on the floor with down-tempo soul and gospel as they are with nu-jazz and house music, Jamie gained a deep understanding of how to move a floor. The success of the party led to a string of bookings and his own internet radio show, The Underground House Sessions which ran live every week for over two years.

Flori’s first release, in tandem with Ethyl has already sent pulses racing. Gaining support from deep and soulful heads alike, the Trimley EP on Freerange represented the first of a host of releases including 12’s on the acclaimed Quintessentials and Detroit imprint House Is The Cure. At present, Flori can usually be found working on music in his cellar or at Ethyl’s house – often flicking through hi-hat samples or drinking gin.

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