Mixes from the residents

March 28, 2010

New mix here from Wax’d resident Nick P Warren. This is something we’re going to be doing more regularly, so keep your eyes out for more in the coming months.

Recorded on a couple of 1210s and a mixer, with the aid of a few cups of coffee, it’s a little rough around the edges but features a few of the cuts that haven’t left the record box in the last few months.

Nick P Warren – Rough Promo Mix, March 2010

1. Big Strick – Black Talk (FXHE)

2. Smallpeople – Before Leaving to Paris (Laid)

3. Miles Sagnia – Relativity (Aesthetic Audio)

4. Steffi – Kill Me (Instrumental) (Ostgut Ton)

5. Rick ‘Poppa’ Howard – I Won’t Ever Lay Back (Hour House is Your Rush)

6. Smallpeople – Rites of Passage (Laid)

7. Andre Lodemann – Zap (Best Works)

8. Jacob Korn – Mirrorflip (Dolly)

9. Delano Smith – The Explanation (Third Ear)

10. Tevo Howard – The Glass Ceiling (Hour House is Your Rush)

11. Contra Communem Opinionem – Baliarides (Mathematics)

12. My Mine – Hypnotic Tango (Blow Up)


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